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Texas Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance in Texas

Health insurance can feel like one of the most complicated concepts in the world. You know you need coverage but discerning which is right for you requires a fair amount of base knowledge. InsPeak wants to be the insurance agency that can find you the best policy possible. To help you down that road, here’s a quick breakdown of basic health insurance options in Texas.

Health Insurance Options in Texas

Texas is like most states in that you have several options for health insurance. Employer-sponsored insurance is possible, but when that isn’t a choice or the right choice, alternative policies are important.

In Texas, you can mostly categorize health insurance into four groups: exclusive provider organization (EPO), health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organization (PPO), and point of service (POS).

An EPO plan only provides financial support to health services at pre-approved places. This is the type of plan where you have to get help in-network.

An HMO is similar to an EPO in that it is designed around an existing healthcare network. HMOs additionally usually only service specific geographic regions. In Arlington, you would want an HMO that is active in the city.

POS plans offer discounts in-network, but they typically provide some coverage even if you seek help out of network.

A PPO is similar to a POS. In-network care is cheaper, but out-of-network care still gets some coverage.

Deciding which of these is right for you is a matter of checking if your doctor is in any of the networks and comparing premiums and deductibles.

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If all of this feels like a lot, you can chat with us at InsPeak. We’ll walk you through available policies and help you pick exactly what you need. For health insurance in Arlington, TX, you’ll have a hard time getting better help.

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