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How does a home security system affect my home insurance policy?

Does a home security system increase or decrease my home insurance premiums? This is a common question for many homeowners in Arlington, TX. Here is the point. If you live in a not-so-safe area, you may find it necessary to install a security system to protect your home, which will ultimately reduce your chances of filing for a theft claim. What does that tell you? That your premiums are likely to go down. 

How much Can I save?

Research has found that installing a home security system or a burglar alarm saves you anywhere between 2 and 10 percent on your homeowner’s insurance. The value varies from one insurance company to another and also depends on the crime rates in the area, particularly burglaries. However, it’s imperative to understand that the cost of installing the system in your home is all on you. Your insurance company does not compensate you for the installation. At InsPeak, we recommend seeking advice from our insurance experts before installing your security system.

Does the type of system matter?

The more effective and efficient your security system is, the lower your premiums get. Your insurance company will visit your home to check your system to help establish how effective it will be and note down on your home insurance policy. Some of the best security systems are expensive; you need to do your calculations right to determine whether your insurance will help you save or you will only incur losses. Additionally, installing a home security system does not mean burglars can’t break into your home. Your insurance provider may require you also to consider other means of securing your home apart from a system like investing in quality locks, security lights, or smart lights and motion sensors.

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