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Texas RV Insurance Requirements

Because you drive your RV, just as you would drive any other automobile, the state minimum auto insurance requirements apply to RVs, too. InsPeak, serving Arlington, TX, can help you obtain the appropriate coverage for your RV.

If you drive your RV on the Texas roads, you need to insure it for liability and property damage plus personal injury protection (PIP). The minimum insurance required includes:

  • bodily injury coverage in the amount of $30,000 per person per accident,
  • bodily injury coverage in the amount of $60,000 per accident total,
  • property damage coverage in the amount of $25,000 per accident,
  • PIP coverage in the amount of $2,500.

While the first three coverages protect those on the road with you, the PIP coverage protects you. In case you have a single-vehicle accident, your medical treatment is covered by the PIP up to $2,500.

Of course, you also need to protect your RV in the case of a single-vehicle accident or damage caused by a peril, such as a hail storm. For that you need to add on to the minimum required insurance. This would include collision and comprehensive coverages.

Collision coverage protects you from financial loss when your RV collides with anything – fence, mailbox, deer, etc. The deer or mailbox won’t have insurance coverage, but you will. This coverage pays for your RV’s damage repairs or its replacement if it gets totaled.

Comprehensive coverage protects your RV in cases of perils, such as rockslides, thunderstorms, hail, etc. When Mother Nature does damage to your RV, your comprehensive coverage picks up the bill for the repairs or replacement.

If you don’t drive your RV on Texas roads but instead park it and reside in it full time, you’ll still need RV insurance, but a type called full-timers. It covers your RV like homeowners insurance covers a house.

Contact InsPeak serving Arlington, TX, for more information on RV insurance. Let us help you insure your vehicle to meet the Texas legal requirements.

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