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When You Need a Recreational Insurance Review

As spring turns to summer in Arlington, TX, InsPeak invites you to stop by for a recreational insurance review. The spring and summer seasons offer the weather most conducive to RVing, so it makes sense to review your RV policy before you hit the road.

Why Conduct a Policy Review?

It’s unlikely that nothing at all changed about your RV since the last time you took it on a trip. Whether you updated the kitchen appliances, added solar panels to the roof, or updated the décor, you made your RV worth more money. That means you need to update the coverage limit amounts on your recreational insurance.

How Recreational Insurance Works

When you purchase your policy, you and InsPeak agree to its value. We write this in the insurance policy as a coverage limit. The recreational insurance policy works as a legal contract. If your RV incurred damage in an accident that you did not cause, the recreational policy would reimburse you for the agreed-upon value, the stated value, or another type of value agreed on when you purchased the policy. If you purchased your RV for $100,000 and insured it for replacement value, if it gets totaled in an accident, you would receive $100,000 to replace it.

Let’s say that you purchased it, then added solar panels and re-did the flooring in the RV. This added $20,000 to the recreational vehicle’s value. Unless you amended your policy to reflect the $20,000 in changes, if it got totaled in an accident, you would only receive the $100,000 stated in the insurance policy.

Contact Us for a Policy Review

Protect yourself fully by undergoing a policy review each year. This keeps you from getting caught off-guard by an accident or named peril damage when you’ve recently made vehicle improvements. Contact InsPeak today for an appointment before you leave Arlington, TX on your next road trip.

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