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Can I Gift Life Insurance to a Family Member?

At InsPeak in Arlington, TX, we help our clients get the coverage they need for all the different seasons of life, including death. While it can be upsetting to ponder how your family might provide for themselves after you pass, it’s crucial that you think about this aspect of planning the future before it happens.

While you can try to get a life insurance policy for yourself to provide for your family, you may have questions about whether you can give a gift to a loved one who keeps on giving by gifting them a life insurance policy. It’s best to research all your options. Even though each life insurance policy has unique terms and limits, we can offer some general insight into how you might be able to answer those questions.

Can you give life insurance as a gift?

Since life insurance can be so useful and provide a level of peace for someone who is worried about their family struggling financially after they leave this world, you might think there’s no better gift in the world than it. Although life insurance can be helpful, it’s not always possible to gift it. If the loved one to whom you want to give the life insurance policy doesn’t know about the life insurance policy or consent to it, you won’t be able to gift it to them.

Before you can give life insurance as a gift, you need to gather some necessary things like proof of insurable interest, a physical exam, consent from the recipient, and other pertinent materials. Someone will also need to be responsible for paying premiums to keep the policy active.

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