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What is additional living expense for on a renter’s policy?

Additional living expense (ALE) coverage on a renter’s insurance policy gives you aid associated with increased costs that come with the temporary relocation of your residence while your rental dwelling is uninhabitable. 

A landlord’s insurance only covers the structure of your home or building, not the cost of replacing your personal belongings and temporary housing.  So, a standard renters insurance policy with ALE is an excellent protection for you and your family to get reimbursement for reasonably added expenses incurred for staying somewhere else.

ALE coverage can be a financial lifeline after a covered peril such as fire, smoke, explosion, the weight of snow, sleet, or ice, busted pipes, fallen objects, vandalism, or a windstorm.  At the same time, you get your life back on track. 

Items generally covered by ALE

So, which additional living expenses are typically covered?  Below is a list of extra costs ALE can help with:

  • Storage Fees.
  • Laundry
  • A hotel stay or temporary housing expenses.
  • Meal-related bills or restaurant expenses.
  • Parking and transportation.
  • Boarding your pet.

Remember that ALE may only reimburse for increased costs above what you typically pay for these expenses.  For instance, if rent is usually $1000 monthly, but your temporary housing is $1400, then you will be reimbursed the difference of $400.  That’s why it is wise to speak with a licensed insurance agent to get guidance on adequate coverage for you and your family.  Our agents at InsPeak Insurance in Arlington, TX can help.

ALE generally pays up to 20% of your renter’s content coverage in Texas.  For example, suppose you have $50,000 in renter’s coverage.  In that case, ALE generally will pay $10,000 per covered peril to help sustain you and your family after the unthinkable happens.  

What is excluded from ALE coverage?

ALE covers you in various situations, but here are some exclusions you need to know about:

  • Damage caused by terrorism or nuclear war.
  • The insurer states that your rental can be inhabited.
  • Damage caused by pests.
  • Damage caused by earthquakes or floods (unless you purchase separate renters coverage for flood and earthquake damage).
  • Mandatory evacuations (unless due to a fire).

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